We often see in police movies, detectives glaring at a pin or white board with pictures of suspects, crime scenes, evidence,  attempting to link various pieces of information together, give them relevance, context for the purpose of analysis.

This is a short course for using the Maltego's free CaseFile tool to analyse information and evidence for investigation, intelligence or research purposes.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Getting Started

    • Tour of the City

    • Entities

    • Part 1

    • Part 2

    • Part 3

    • Combining Graphs

    • Import Data

    • Export to table

    • Exporting and Reports

    • Collaboration

    • Conclusion, links and downloads

About the instructor

Wizard of OSINT

Andrew Fordred

My name is Andrew Fordred, my career began in law enforcement with the Crime Intelligence Services of the South African police focusing on terrorism and organised crime, and later was employed in a number of corporate positions. After leaving the police service, he held a number of corporate positions in capacities such as risk management, and later, forensic investigations. In 2007 started my own business providing forensic investigations, intelligence, risk management consultancy, court testimony and litigation support. Also, completed a forensic investigation degree focusing on forensic intelligence with a qualitative case study of the illegal narcotics trade and syndicates. Currently I provide due diligence, cyber intelligence and investigations, cyber security and privacy, and training services to clients with emphasis on open source intelligence, social engineering and the dark web. A public speaker at events such as the Journey of the Hacker Windhoek Namibia, OSMOSIS 2018 Las Vegas USA and Cyber Threats against Children UNICEF. This is my opportunity to share my knowledge with students, to support you through this journey and help you develop some incredible skills and transform knowledge into real results.

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