OSINT is extremely powerful when it is applied correctly – it is as much a process as it is a methodology.   It produces intelligence that supports decision makers in taking a particular course of action under often critical situations, for example; in international conflicts, law enforcement to trace suspects, businesses to assess an operating environment or whether to form a joint venture, new opportunities, security and military operations, financial institutions in KYC assessments and many more applications.  It has become a strategy that many organisations now utilise providing speed and cost effectiveness to their intelligence operations.

Leveraging data from open sources can provide valuable insights through processing, but this can become very overwhelming when dealing with large quantities of data under time pressure.  This is where Maltego steps in, it allows for the aggregation of data which can be linked together exposing relationships, events, locations, dates, assets, technology, organisations, people and the web such as websites, domains and social media.

This course will take you through all the steps from managing graphs, dealing with high volumes of data, making data relevant, using transforms to discover data and include it in graphs, making use of alternative tools to import data from outside Maltego, collaboration with team members and production of reports. Following these steps and processes provided, will be a game changer in terms of your own abilities placing you ahead of the pack in terms efficiency and professionalism.

As Simon Sinek says “the purpose of a car is not to buy gas, the purpose of a car is to go somewhere”, this is the same with OSINT, it has to go somewhere, Maltego is the car and information is the fuel.

What you will get:  

  • A proficiency in using Maltego for open source intelligence, online investigations and research 
  • All course material and complete handbook
  • A 15% discount for a Hunchly license
  • How to document and record information collected 
  • Real life simulations
  • Access to our exclusive members area where topics of interest are discussed, specialist video training, event announcements and more 
  • Full support throughout the course (barring time zones) 24 hours a day 
  • On completion you will earn your well deserved certificate
  • Life time access to the course and its updates, including webinars

If you are interested in the course or require additional information please email us at csi@thecyberinst.org

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1

    • Welcome

    • Introduction

    • Maltego Handbook

  • 2


    • Installation

    • Companion Files and Material

  • 3

    Getting Started

    • Part 1

    • Part 2

  • 4

    1st Graph

    • Introduction to the graph

    • First transform run

    • Sidebar

  • 5

    First Transforms and Menus

    • Installing First Transforms

    • Investigate Menu

    • Application Menu

    • Options

    • Simulation 1

  • 6

    Working with Selections

    • Path features 1

    • Path features 2

  • 7

    Section 2

    • Introduction

  • 8

    Maltego Advanced Search Engine Techniques (ASET)

    • ASET Introduction

    • Part 1

    • Part 2

    • Part 3

    • Simulation 2

  • 9


    • Introduction

    • Installing Python

    • Local Transform 1

    • Local transform 2

    • Installing Hunchly

  • 10

    Finding, Identifying, Profiling Persons and Groups

    • People online types

    • Reconnaissance

    • People options graph

    • Applying ASET

    • Simulation 3

  • 11

    Programmable Search Engine (PSE)

    • Setting up and using programmable search engines in Maltego

  • 12

    Mapping Organisations and their Relationships

    • Working with group entities

    • Anatomy of a Group

    • Extracting and working with data

    • Simulation 4

  • 13

    Social Networks and Aliases

    • Introduction

    • Adding Entities to use

    • Twitter 1

    • Twitter 2

    • Simulation 5

    • Instagram 1

    • Instagram 2

    • Instagram 3

    • Instagram 4

    • Simulation 6

    • Facebook 1

    • Facebook 2

    • Facebook 3

    • Preparation for Facebook

  • 14

    An image is worth a !000 words

    • Introduction

    • Geolocating

    • Metadata

    • Simulation 7

    • TinEye

    • Simulation 8

    • Image Analyzer

  • 15

    Importing and Exporting Data

    • Pasting Data

    • Simulation 9

    • Finding common data

    • Simulation 10

    • Importing geolocation data

    • Simulation 11

    • Report Introduction

    • Exporting graph

    • Generating reports

    • Home work

  • 16

    Email, Domain and Website Research

    • Introduction

    • Email formats

    • Domains 1

    • Domains 2

    • Simulation 12

    • Spams and scams

    • Home work

  • 17

    Wayback Machine

    • Introduction

    • Discover deleted data

    • Simulation 13

  • 18

    Maltego Machines

    • Introduction

    • Person email address

    • Company stalker

    • Build your own

  • 19


    • Introduction

    • Case Management

    • Hunchly transforms 1

    • Hunchly transforms 2

    • Images

    • Searching

  • 20


    • Introduction

    • Server

    • Graph sharing

  • 21

    The End

    • Conclusions and last thoughts

About the instructor

Wizard of OSINT

Andrew Fordred

My name is Andrew Fordred, my career began in law enforcement with the Crime Intelligence Services of the South African police focusing on terrorism and organised crime, and later was employed in a number of corporate positions in capacities such as risk management, and later, forensic investigations. In 2007 started my own business providing forensic investigations, intelligence, risk management consultancy, court testimony and litigation support. Also, completed a forensic investigation degree focusing on forensic intelligence with a qualitative case study of the illegal narcotics trade and syndicates. Currently I provide cyber intelligence and investigations, counterintelligence and, security and privacy services to clients. I am also the founder of the Cyber Institute and a Director on the Board of Advisors for the OSMOSIS Institute (USA). In addition, I am a public speaker at events such as the Journey of the Hacker Windhoek Namibia, OSMOSIS 2018 Las Vegas USA, Cyber Threats against Children UNICEF and the Munich Cyber Crime Conference by Maltego. This is my opportunity to share my knowledge with students, to support you through this journey and help you develop some incredible skills and transform knowledge into real results.

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